Eli Hughes



Eli Hughes - Cinematographer and Camera Operator

I started my career in the North-West of England, working on commercial and documentary productions. My passion for narrative work grew, and independently I started to shoot my own experimental projects, getting a feel for narrative filmmaking.

After my time in the Lake District, I decided to pursue my love for cinema in London - moving here in 2018. I was awarded a scholarship to study at the London Film Academy, and this is where I spent the next two years. Since graduating I have started to build my reputation for lensing narrative productions.

From my time spent as an AC I have plenty of experience on large scale productions such as ITV's 'Unforgotten' and Netflix's  ' 'Black Mirror' as well as commercials for Dr Martens, TUMI, FIFA, Land Rover and many more.
  I am an adaptable Cinematographer who can work with any budget, I think outside of the box, and provide any director with a close collaboration that's required to achieve their goals.

"Eli’s creative and technical ability to bend light, capture video and tell a story through the screen is profound. The mixture of his impressive work ethic, collaborative mindset and passion for cinematography is clearly shown in the high quality work that he produces." - Jack Murphy, Director

“Working with Eli was a great experience. His level of work is extremely high standard and his experience shows. My role when working with him was to take the aerial shots for a few scenes. The way he streamlined exactly what he wanted the shot to look like, made it easy for me to get the desired shot. I hope to work with Eli in the future, it was a pleasure” - Dominic Hayles, Drone Operator

“Eli is a decisive and hands on person on set. He knows what he is doing and always gives clear instructions to both his camera and lighting team. He always brings the same professionalism to each and every shoot.” - Stephanie Ho, 1st Assistant Camera